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Cleaning Tips of the Week: Vinegar, Blinds & Baking Soda.

Hello everybody and welcome back, I hope you have all had a fantastic week so far, I know I have, and do you know why? Because… I have stumbled across 3 more fantastic tips on how to keep your house looking in tip top shape and do it in the easy possible way. Yay for life hacks!!


So, let’s get going with our first tip, this one really blew my mind when I gave it a try in my house but believe me it’s easy and it works. You know those awful water spots you get around the edges of your sink faucets, the absolute worst. You clean around the entire sink but the annoying spots around the faucets just don’t seem to go away no matter how hard you scrub.

Well let me blow your mind with one simple cleaning instrument, and that instrument is vinegar.

Yep, you heard me, vinegar!

Make sure you remove all the water from the base and surroundings area of the faucet, and you want to grab yourself some sort of rag and douse it in vinegar, I know sounds crazy, but trust me. Wrap the rap tightly around the faucet and make sure it is completely covering the water spots around the faucet. Now you’re going to leave this for 1 hour and then when you come back, simply remove the rag and wipe the water spots right off, yep, that easy. The acidity within the vinegar helps to penetrate the stains and break them down so us cleaners can simply come in and wipe away the stain.


Now, for my next tip of the week we are going to be talking about cleaning blinds, and if they haven’t had much care in a while, they are probably going to be dirty, so I’m going to provide an easy solution to get them looking new again.

This little tip is once again going to use our lovely cleaning instrument vinegar, are you noticing a trend here? Simply grab a bowl and mix in equal parts water and vinegar and then dip a sock in the mixture and rub it on your blinds in the dirty and dusty areas, boom, dirt gone!

Baking Soda

Let we finish off with my final dip fellow Goldilockers, and this one is actually a personal favourite of mine that I use just about every day. This has to do with washing your clothes and how you can get everything coming out much brighter and cleaner than their usual cycle. Simple method, grab a cup of baking soda and pour it into the washing machine with the rest of the clothes and let the machine do its thing. It may seem so simple but you’re going to be blown away by the results.

Thankyou once again everyone for jumping onto this week’s blog, whether this is your first time or you’re a regular reader, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments and any other tips you may all have yourself!!

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