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Sustainable Eco Friendly Cleaning


Did you know? 

Goldilocks is 100% environmentally friendly!!!

Here at Goldilocks Home Help, we are focused on achieving positive outcomes for both your home and our planet. We use products that will leave your home looking amazing without the use of harsh chemicals and will produce zero waste for the planet. 

Our cleaning kits consist of ENJO cloths, mops and brushes which use one-of-a-kind ENJOtex technology and water to lift and remove dirt more effectively than chemicals and prevent bacterial growth. All of our ENJO products are produced from recycled fibres and hardware of old ENJO products, ensuring a carbon positive zero waste policy during production. Ensuring we minimise our impact on the environment with sustainable, planet-friendly products whilst not compromising on results is something we value greatly at Goldilocks Home Help and Support. 

We use Gumption Cream Cleanser for those stubborn stains that won’t seem to come out. The majority of the ingredients in this product are biodegradable, so they won’t accumulate in the soil or water, preventing any long-term harm to the environment. ​

There is always the option to provide your own products to our cleaning team if you would prefer. But if ensuring a positive environmental outcome is something you value, then rest-assured Goldilocks have got you and your home covered!

Healthier and safer cleans

Cleaning without chemicals removes health risks associated with chemical cleaning products and improves your home's indoor air quality

greener home and planet

No chemical cleaning product packaging means less waste and no chemicals polluting our waterways. ENJO's recycled, reusable products reduces waste and protects the environment by reducing emissions. ENJO also offset their production emissions with reforestation.

superior cleans

ENJO technology fibres used with water creates capillary action to lift dirt and bacteria more effectively than chemicals and disposable cloths can. This is our secret weapon we use to ensure Goldilocks Home Help cleans consistently exceed expectations and your home feels 'just right'. 

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