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Cleaning Tips of The Week: Sheets, Lemons & Blenders.

Hello everybody, and welcome to the official Goldilocks blog, where we share tips and tricks to help keep your house looking just right.


My first tip is a convenient way to repurpose used dryer sheets. Believe it or not, when you use this method, you’ll stop hating when the time comes to replace sheets. Now, if your household is like mine, your probably churning through dryer sheets like there’s no tomorrow. Well, I’m here to show you a couple of things those sheets can do that they don’t put on the label.

Used dryer sheets are fantastic for wiping baseboards and other ground surfaces clean, especially if you have a dog running around the house like myself. Don’t we all loath that dirty ring on the inside of the toilet? Well, grab a used sheet, and before you throw it out, give that toilet bowl a scrub. Your toilet will come out sparkling like it’s brand new! Used sheets also do an excellent job at removing any water spots on surfaces around the house, such as your mirrors, windows, kitchen fixtures, and shower doors.


Another great tip I wanted to bring to you all today is a fresh way to remove that stink from your disposable garbage bag. This tip will be especially helpful if you’re having guests over or are just sick of your kitchen smelling like a restaurant at closing time. Simply slice a few pieces of lemon and run them down each side of the garbage bag as soon as you place it in the bin. This will help combat the smell of any food scraps or waste you throw out.


Now, my last tip for the week has to do with blender cleaning, another pet peeve of mine that until recently was one of my least favourite parts of the morning. For a quick and easy clean, simply add a drop of soap and warm water to your dirty blender, turn it on and then let it spin for a few seconds. Then all you have to do is drain the water. Yes, it’s that simple. No, I’m not joking. Try it. This will help squeeze out the food from all those hard-to-reach places and is so much easier than scrubbing it by hand….so much easier.


Well, that concludes the first Goldilocks blog, everyone. Thank you very much for reading, and I will be continuing to post more tips and tricks each week. I hope you learned at least one new thing today, and please let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these or if you have any tips of your own!

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